Unfolding Paths to Insight: The Heart Sutra

Led by Vessantara and Team


If we really know the Heart Sutra, we know – in a sense – everything.


This is the second in a short series of retreats at Adhisthana in which Vessantara explores insight practices discussed by Sangharakshita. This time we’ll be taking the Heart Sutra as an example of how to practise shunyata meditations. We’ll take it out of it’s supporting role as something we recite in a puja and set it centre stage as a support for insight practice – profound pointers which we can follow until they lead us into the heart of reality.

We’ll also look at how to bring the teaching of the five skandhas to life, four common misunderstandings of emptiness, and how to meditate on a wisdom text in a fruitful and effective way.

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