The Tibetan Book of the Dead

27 October – 3 November

Led by Subhuti, Prakasha, Subhadramati, Jnanavaca + team


Oh, procrastinating one, who thinks not of the coming of death, devoting yourself to the useless doings of this life, improvident are you in dissipating your great opportunity.

The Bardo Thodol translates as ‘the Great Liberation through Hearing in the Bardo’. As well as exposition, discussion, and meditation, during the retreat there will be readings of the text together with ritual dramatization, allowing the imaginative myth and symbolism of the teaching to enter into our being on a non-cognitive level.

The retreat will explore the text’s principal themes in light of Bhante’s presentation, enabling an entry into its spiritual world and revealing its relevance, both in our present experience and our perspective on life and death.

The hour has come when energy and pure love are needed. May I cast off jealousy and meditate upon the guru, the Father-Mother.

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