Nature of Mind Order Retreat (Online + In-Person)

17 Jun – 24 Jun 2022

An Introduction to Nature of Mind

To know the nature of mind directly is life-transforming. Through it we can find freedom at last, relieve ourselves of deep causes of suffering, relax deeply, and open our hearts to the world in a new way. On this retreat we shall use teachings from the Mahamudra tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, and Sangharakshita’s commentaries on them, as pointers and guides to help us in a practical meditative journey to discover the true nature of our own heart-mind.

The retreat will be a hybrid retreat, mainly in silence, with teaching from Vessantara, meditation reviews and some devotional practice.

Vessantara has worked with this material for many years, including during a three-year retreat in France in 2008-11. He and Ambaranta have teamed up for many retreats at Rivendell over the past decade.

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