The Guru’s Advice: Sub35 Festival Retreat

Thu 26 Aug – Mon 30 Aug

Lived out fully, Buddhist practice is revolutionary. Its purpose is a complete transformation of every element of our lives and of the world around us. 

The legendary Tibetan Guru Padmasambhava is the archetype of this transformation. His mythic life story presents a conflict between the forces of light and the forces of darkness – a conflict that takes place within our own hearts and minds. Following his example, we can learn to transform our deeper energies and make the most of our precious human existence.

Combining meditation, talks from experienced Buddhist teachers, collective rituals, storytelling, silence, discussion and (probably) volleyball; over this long-weekend, gather with other people aged 18 to 35 to delve into the mysteries of the Guru’s advice.

Anyone and everyone aged 18-35 is welcome!

Primarily a camping retreat (you’ll need to bring your own tent/bedding), we’ll be living outdoors together, eating together undercover and gathering each day in our enormous shrine marquee. Indoor accommodation is available. The retreat starts at 6pm on Thu 26 Aug and ends at 12pm on Mon 30 Aug.

£156 (waged) / £122 (unwaged)

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