Melbourne: Weekend Retreat

Fri 3 to Sun 5 Jun 2022

Led by Shantidevi & Sraddhanaya

Come with Sraddhanaya and Shantidevi on a getaway weekend retreat to explore Padmasambhava’s – Advice Given to the Three Fortunate Women Before the Departure (Canto 103).  

This retreat will be in the natural surroundings of the Yarra Valley. It will include creative workshops, study, meditation, silent reflection, communal practice and time spent in nature with like minded people.

Thus did the Guru answer, “In this way:
From within transcend the desires of body, speech and mind!
Teachers who do not gladden others, and who are morose themselves – give them up!
The books and letters that you do not practice – give them up!
Those who compete with others and hoard possessions – give them up!
Those who create disturbances and hold grudges – give them up!
Hope and expectations for your own benefit – give them up!
Turn away from the ranks of men and the eight worldly concerns.

Padmasambhava – Exert Canto 103

Held at: Wesburn Recreation Camp/ 25 Madeley Dr, Wesburn VIC 3799

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