Insight and Imagination: Meditating on the Vimalakirti Nirdesha

Led by Vessantara and team


For hundreds of years, Mahayana sutras were used as major routes to insight. They weren’t just read, they were practised. The wisdom suggested by the text was reinforced by the symbols and imagery, to bring about a mystic marriage of insight and imagination.

So, how do you practise a Mahayana sutra? Can you take it deep into your being, so that it’s vision affects your whole life?

This is a meditation retreat and will be mostly in silence. It will include presentations, guided meditations, devotional practice, and (for residential retreatants) meditation reviews. As usual with Vessantara’s retreats, the aim will be twofold: to support your meditation and also to equip you with new understandings and insights to unpack over time.

Vessantara was at Bhante’s lectures on the Vimalakirti Nirdesa in London in 1979.

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