Freed from the Burning House | Immersion Retreat

15 – 22 Mar | led by Saddhaloka, Parami, Ratnaprabha, Sona + Khemabandhu


The White Lotus Sutra stands out as one of the most influential and venerated of Mahayana Sutras, central to a number of Far Eastern schools. In 1970, Bhante introduced this sutra to a very young Order and movement, igniting an exploration into its depth and mystery. Fifty years later we continue to explore its riches and its relevance for living a deeply authentic and effective dharma life.

Open to the magic of this sutra through readings, reflection, talks, discussion, meditation and puja.

Immersion Retreats weave together meditation, ritual readings of the text and voices of the Adhisthana Teaching Community to bring us more deeply into Bhante’s perspective and presentation of the Dharma.

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