Rainy Seasons

The Rainy Seasons are something of an experiment. They are aiming to conjure something like what the Buddha would have had. A beautiful space donated to the Sangha, where wanderers could live very simply together. In this space you could wonder or have gatherings of various kinds, just living and practising the Dhamma with others around you. In the time of the Buddha this was pretty informal; he would sit down with his back to a tree and start teaching, or maybe just sit in silence and people would gather around him.

At Adhisthana we are looking to create an atmosphere and community of that kind together. With members of the Order coming, meditating, studying and working together. It will be a much more free, much more flexible, much more fluid way of engaging. Nobody knows what’s going to emerge, but something will emerge from everybody there.

To book:

Spring Rainy Season – 17 – 24 May

Autumn Rainy Season – 21 Sept – 1 Oct

Winter Rainy Season – 7 – 18 Dec