Camping Solitaries

open to order members and mitras training for ordination

We are delighted to be able to offer another way for you to visit and spend time at Adhisthana by coming here to camp. You are welcome to set up you tent or campervan wherever is suitable in our field, and spend as little or as long as you wish to here.

All our camping is entirely self-catered, although if it’s the right season, you’re welcome to help yourself to fruit growing in the grounds – we have apple trees, damsons, raspberry, mulberry and blackberry bushes.

With the current Covid-19 restrictions we are unable to allow you to enter any of the buildings. The exception to this is the outdoor toilet which you will be shown when you arrive, and there is also an outdoor cold tap which you can use.

Apart from the yurt, you can go wherever you like in the gardens, swales and fields, and there are of course lots of country walks around here.

If you would like to come with others and hold your own small camping retreat, you are welcome to do so, but these are limited to six people per retreat.

All camping is offered on a dana basis, so please give what you can as is appropriate to your circumstances.

Dates are completely flexible but you do need to book by emailing us.

We look forward to having you here!

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