Online Events

We’ve moved our focus to offer more online retreats which has broadened our reach to those that for geographical, health or family reasons were unable to attend our in-person retreats.

We ran two successful weekend retreats on Milarepa in July and have a two longer retreats for Order Members coming up with more in the pipeline.


Retreat on the Bodhicitta Practice (Online)

for Order Members
Led by Vessantara
28th Sep – 3rd Oct

Over recent months, our shared led Bodhicitta Practice on Sundays has connected hundreds of us around the world. In these challenging times we’ve discovered the power of this shared meditation: to resource us and link us to the Dharma, to tune in directly to our deep links with one another, and to join together on a heart level to respond to the world’s suffering. This feels like an excellent time for a retreat to explore this practice more fully and find ways to take it deeper.

The programme will include presentations, led meditations, groups and devotional practice with additional sessions at times suitable for retreatants in the Oceania region.

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The Two Arrows: Dukkha to Insight (Online)

for Order Members & Mitras
Led by Sona, Vidyamala, Vishvapani and Vimalachitta
2nd – 9th Oct

How we respond to difficulty and suffering – whether physical or psychological – without piling on extra levels of distress and reaction is a central question in all our lives. It’s also a central concern of the Buddha’s teachings. The Salattha Sutta, the Sutta of the two arrows, evocatively describes this in terms of two arrows: the pain of being pierced by the first arrow describes the basic experience of pain or difficulty. The pain of being pierced by secondary arrows is a consequence of all the reactions that occur when we are not aware and wise. The Buddha also saw the profound value of positive emotion and joy in the spiritual life, and indeed in becoming fully human.

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