High-speed internet!

If you have ever visited Adhisthana and tried to check your email one last time before turning your phone off, you will have realised that our internet is variable at best. Of course, when attending a retreat this is no problem, but for those who come here for meetings, or if you live and work here, the unreliability of the internet has long been a source of unsatisfactoriness.

For the past 4 years, whispers of fibre broadband have hung in the air, without actually materialising into anything more than rounds of discussions with internet company employees who insist we can get access, only for every engineer called out (all 16 of them!) to pronounce it impossible.

Just over a year ago, our neighbours were all ‘hooked up’, but Adhisthana was skipped. As this was immediately prior to the UK going into the first national lockdown, and all our events moved online, this was an issue.

Today, after an extended period of communication with our new providers (at one stage involving weekly phone calls), two vans arrived on site. The group of technicians worked with members of the operations team throughout the day, and we are delighted to announce that the renowned internet saga is now (hopefully) in it’s final chapter.

For those of you who like numbers, the line installed today is a 100mbps up/down, 10ms ping. Not only has Adhisthana finally caught up to the rest of the country, we can now probably run 20 online retreats at once!

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