Donating via Go Cardless

Clicking on the links below will direct you to Go Cardless to set up a direct debit or one-off payment to the Triratna Preceptors’ College Trust. We are using Go Cardless as it is simple to administer and low-cost, and they take payments from Europe too. They only charge 1% on every transaction, capped at £2/€2 – so for every £10/€10 you give, we will receive £9.90/€9.90. If you would like to give an amount different from those below, send an email to and we can send you a link to follow.

If you are a UK tax payer then please also complete a Gift Aid declaration so that we can reclaim an additional 25p on every pound that you give at no extra cost to you. To do this, simply email the following statement to

I, [insert your legal name], of [insert your address], on [insert date], confirm that I would like Triratna Preceptors’ College Trust to treat this donation for £……. and all future gifts, until I notify you otherwise, as Gift Aid donations. I understand that my donations are eligible for the Gift Aid scheme only as long as I pay enough income tax and/or capital gains tax to cover the amount of tax that all charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs that I donate to will reclaim for each tax year (6 April to 5 April).

NB. You will need to paste the text into an email using either the option of ‘merge formatting’, or ‘keep text only’, for the text to be more legible.

7monthly 12 monthly 25monthly

20 50 100 500

10monthly 20monthly 35monthly

30 70 140 700