FutureDharma Fund

If we are to live a healthy and flourishing life, we need to understand the mind and find ways of working with it. If we don’t work with the mind we’ll be prey to whatever happens to happen to us. But we need to be careful not to become overly inward-looking. On the Nature of Mind, we want to do as much as we can to help other people in more difficult situations. 

It’s sometimes hard to know how to reach out and make a real difference. FutureDharma provides a simple way. When you give to FutureDharma you can feel confident you’re helping thousands of people transform their minds; just as you are transforming yours. 


Entrenched divisions along lines of caste and gender severely restrict millions of people in India, and prevent them from accessing education, jobs, and even basic sanitation. Buddhist Centres offer community and teachings that enable people to live in accordance with their basic human dignity and creativity. 

But the pandemic closed the doors of these Buddhist Centres, and moved most of the Dharma teaching online. You can support a new website in India that will publicise their work more widely, helping many more people work with their mind.  

The Buddhist Centres have been the foci for local people reaching out with food and medicines to those whose lives were devastated by the pandemic. Triratna Buddhist, Amrutasiddhi, has coordinated much of this vital work. He’s completely dependent on gifts from FutureDharma supporters to continue his work.


A tiny team of just three young people have created and run the Buddhist Centre in Toluca, Mexico. The Meditation and Buddhism classes they give are helping hundreds of people – not just in Toluca, but in the rest of the Spanish-speaking world. But as more and more people seek ways of working with their minds, the team are forced to turn some away. You can help this intrepid team meet the demand for classes, and support people in Mexico and beyond as they transform their lives.


Having access to talks on meditation and Buddhism has been a lifeline for so many during the pandemic. Having teachings in our own language is vital. You can support a new project that will provide translations and subtitling into many languages, and help others work with their minds.

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