Ethics for Order Members: The Power of Words

The title for this retreat was inspired by a quote from the poet Wordsworth. He wrote in one of his essays, “Words are too awful an instrument for good and evil to be trifled with: they hold above all other external powers a dominion over thoughts.” We are used to thinking of the precepts in terms of the primacy of mind and thoughts, but here Wordsworth is suggesting that words have “a dominion over thoughts.” Whether we agree with this or not, it does serve to highlight the importance of our verbal communications.

We will be exploring the speech precepts through Bhante’s comments in The Ten Pillars of Buddhism and Living Ethically and in talks, discussions and practical workshops on how to practice the positive precepts.

Honesty and harmony seem to be qualities that are in short supply in today’s online world of constant communication. It is all the more urgent that we give attention to how we can encourage the growth of these precious qualities in the world and in ourselves. Come and join us for a week of truthfulness, kindness, helpfulness and harmony.

This is the second retreat in a series of three going deeper into the Ten Precepts. The first retreat was an exploration of the three ‘action’ precepts. It is a stand-alone retreat and you don’t need to have been on the previous one. On this retreat, we will probe further into the four speech precepts and in September (Mind Matters 9-16 Sept) there will be an opportunity to take a closer look at the mind precepts.

Ethics for Order Members: The Power of Words

Led by Ratnaghosha

Reception is from 4pm on the day of arrival, with the retreat beginning with supper at 6pm.

The retreat will finish in the morning after the clear-up. If traveling on public transport, please book a train after 11am.

This retreat is for members of the Triratna Buddhist Order

Start Date: 18th Mar 2022
End Date: 25th Mar 2022
Event Type: Residential
Deposit: £70
Price: £270 (Waged/Supported (including deposit)) / £195 (Unwaged/Unsupported (including deposit))

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