Nightmarish, No-nonsense, Direct: My Relationship to the Bodhicaryavatara

Saddhanandi and Nagabodhi will lead a retreat at Adhisthana for the Order based on the Bodhicaryavatara titled Summoning the World to Buddhahood. And later this year we’ll have our first-ever Summer Sanghas Retreat on the same theme. Below, Saddhanandi reflects on her long-standing personal relationship with the text. Saddhanandi The Bodhicaryavatara is a text that …

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Local Order Members BBQ

Since Adhisthana opened in 2013 an ever-increasing sangha of Order Members has moved to the area to be close to Adhisthana (and a few were already here). Malvern is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, so it’s also not a bad part of the country to live in.  It’s a wonderful development to have this …

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Triratna Scholars’ Retreat

Below is listed some preparatory reading that you can do if you have the time and inclination. Please note, that none of these should count as ‘required reading’. Bhikkhu Bodhi, Connected Discourses of the Buddha, Wisdom Publications, 2000. Introduction to the Nidāna Saṃyutta, pp.515–526, and the discourses themselves, pp.533–620. You may have this book anyway, or wish to purchase …

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The Divided Brain (Need Picture)

A Nature of Mind exploration of the mind starting with the work by Dr Ian McGillcrhist on the two hemisphere brain

Nottingham: ‘The Art of Dreaming’ Day Retreat

Sat 12 Mar 2022, 10am-4:30pm Led by Arthabandhu “…certain dreams show us that we can experience states of consciousness which are not only different from the waking state but higher than it. For this reason dreams play an important role , sometimes even a crucial role, in the transformation of the individual.” (Sangharakshita, Mahayana Myths …

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Der Dharma und die Natur des Geistes

Wednesdays, 16 Feb to 30 Mar Led by Aryabandhu, Dharmapriya, Karunabandhu, Viryapadma An unserem Mittwochabend werden wir den Dharma, die buddhistische Lehre anhand der Natur des Geistes erforschen. Diese Abend sind eine Gelegenheit, Meditation und Buddhismus kennenzulernen und Geistesklarheit, Ruhe, positive Emotionen und Sammlung zu entwickeln. Wir erforschen auch, wie buddhistische Meditation einen Teil des …

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The Four Lotuses | Day Visitor

BOOKINGS ARE NOW CLOSED If you would like to come as a day visitor to part or all of the Combined AOWE 19th-22nd Aug, please send an email with the following information: Which dates you would like to attend Which meals you would like on those dates Details of if you have a restricted diet …

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