Coronavirus Measures for Solitary Retreats


If you have experienced any covid symptoms prior to your visit, or have been in contact with anyone who has developed symptoms, please do not come without taking a test. If you don’t have the virus then you can still come. If you start feeling unwell with covid symptoms while you are here, please let us know immediately.


When you arrive please come to the office, knock on the door and then step back. Please do not enter the office. You will then be taken to your area and shown around by a member of the Adhisthana team. For this we ask that you please wear a mask, as you will be indoors with another person. For the rest of your time indoors you do not need to wear a mask as you will be alone.

If you arrive before the check-in time you will unfortunately need to wait outside.


We ask that you do not enter or use any other rooms or buildings on the Adhisthana grounds except for your solitary area. This is to ensure there is minimal opportunity for cross-contamination. Every bedroom (and where possible bathroom too) will be rested for at least a week between uses, as well as all spaces being thoroughly deep cleaned. You will have meditation gear in your space. This will have been rested before use.

You are welcome to go anywhere you like in the grounds, excepting into the yurt.

Food (if catered)

A member of the team wearing PPE will deliver lunch and dinner to a drop off point for you to collect. We ask that you clean your plate and return it to the drop-off point before your next meal is delivered, so we can collect it and sterilise it.

If you need anything, you can leave a note on the table where your food is dropped off and a member of the team will respond, leaving a note for you to collect in the same spot.


Frequent hand washing remains the most effective way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We therefore ask you wash your hands before you leave your solitary area, and use hand sanitiser located by the entrances.

While you are here, you will be sharing an entranceway door with another solitary retreatant. There are cleaning facilities (wipes, spray, tissue) next to all the shared doors. Please wipe down everything you touch when you enter and leave through these shared doors.


Unfortunately, we cannot allow you to enter any of the library rooms while you’re here. However, if there are books that you would like to read during your time here, please let us know before you arrive and we can put them in your solitary area ready for you.


Before you leave we ask that you clean and tidy the areas in which you have been staying, as you would at the end of a retreat. The whole suite will be deep-cleaned with covid-resistant cleaning products by the team before the next person arrives in addition to this but we ask you leave the solitary space in the condition you found it. Cleaning materials will be provided for you.

Thank you!