Updates from Adhisthana

our opening under way

bulletin from Munisha on theBuddhistCentre.com http://thebuddhistcentre.com/highlights/adhisthana-launch-underway   “The Adhisthana dedication weekend began today with an afternoon tea for invited local people. Over 80 people came to look around, listen to a talk by Sanghadeva and eat scones and cream. They included former staff at the school for autistic children which occupied the house before us, local […]

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Hurrah for volunteers

In the past two weeks all the hard work that has been going on here since September has really begun to show. It started with getting services – water, electricity and sewage- sorted out and that proved a much bigger job than had been expected. That long, and rather unglamorous, stage of the work has […]

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The wetland system – making sewage beautiful (and useful)

Last week work began on the wetland sewage system in the field behind the women’s community.  On a site of just over an acre (about half a hectare) big caterpillar tractors have been digging out the swales ( curved ponds where the waste will sit while it undergoes transformation into pure water) and shaping and […]

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The boilers are fired up

This week there are signs of spring at Adhisthana. The slightly warmer weather means that we no longer have to wear thick fleeces indoors when we eat our meals and there are primroses blooming round the pond in front of the Old Court. Sadly the brood of mallard ducklings has disappeared after less than a […]

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Adhisthana in April

A sneak preview: our new boiler unveiled. Adhisthana in April. The snow on the Malvern Hills is beginning to melt at last but there is still a bitter North wind here on 4th April.  That isn’t getting in the way of all the hard work that is going on here at Adhisthana though. There is […]

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The last day at Madhyamaloka

Most of the money for the purchase of Adhisthana came from the sale of Madhyamaloka. Madhyamaloka, and its annexe in nearby Park Hill, was purchased in 1995 to house  members of the new Preceptor’s College Council, and has been Bhante’s home for most of that time. Today we finished clearing the house, and handed over […]

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