Coronavirus Arrangements for Retreats

Adhisthana will put in place procedures to make your stay here as safe as possible. To do this we will follow all government guidelines. These guidelines are updated regularly, and we are monitoring any new information and adapting our risk assessment as needed. Our aim of course is to keep you, and the community that lives here, as safe as possible.

Social Distancing

We will be following all social distancing guidelines, which mean some changes to our usual practices.  We will put in place procedures designed to maintain 2 metre social distancing when participants are inside any of our buildings.

Handwashing/sanitising and face coverings

You will be required to use hand sanitizer regularly throughout the day such as when entering and leaving buildings and when making drinks. Please be prepared for this. Hand sanitiser will be provided at multiple locations.

It is now law that you are required wear a face covering while indoors in any communal multi-purpose building, such as Adhisthana. This includes all shrine room and study rooms. Please bring a face covering that you will be able to wear for extended periods of time. Face shields/visors are permittable as long as they fully cover the nose and mouth. There will be a small number of face shields available to purchase from Adhisthana.


We are only offering single occupancy bedrooms and request that you bring your own bed linen. This will help to keep both you and our team here safe. Where possible we will ‘rest’ beds for a week between use.


All shared bathrooms will have a booking system.

Cleaning materials will be provided in all bathrooms. All users must clean all door handles, taps and surfaces after use.

Dining room and food

The dining area will have separate entry and exit points. Food prepared by the team will follow the appropriate government guidelines.

Participants will be allocated their own table in the dining hall and are asked to use that for the duration of the retreat. All tables will be at the appropriate social distance. Each table will have its own condiments. Participants can eat outside weather permitting.

Shared tea and coffee making facilities require the use of hand sanitiser before use.

Shrine room

Strict social distancing will be maintained in the shrine room and shrine room lobby.

Where possible we ask that people bring their own meditation equipment. Participants will be asked to use the same meditation space each time.

At the end of each retreat any Adhisthana meditation gear will be put to one side and rested for a week before next use.

If Someone Falls ill?

If a participant becomes ill will covid-19 symptoms they must let the retreat organiser know immediately and self-isolate in their bedroom. If possible, we will ask them to return home, take a covid-19 test and let Adhisthana know the results.

If Participants Fall ill prior to or following the Retreat?

You should not attend the retreat if you develop symptoms within two weeks of the start date of the retreat or have been around anyone with symptoms.

If you develop symptoms within two weeks of the end of the retreat, please contact Adhisthana immediately so we can notify other attendees.

Clinically Vulnerable people and those in a “local lockdown”

We ask that people for their own safety do not attend events if they are clinically vulnerable.

If you are in an area with local restrictions that prevent you from entering other people’s homes, unfortunately you cannot attend retreats here.

What if the situation changes?

We are constantly monitoring the situation, if necessary, we will cancel the retreat and refund participants.

Following Coronavirus Measures

If you feel you are unable to follow the measures outlined above, please do not attend the retreat.